How to create a beautiful Splash Screen in Flutter for Android and ios apps

How to create a beautiful Splash Screen in Flutter for Android and ios apps

Ayush Pawar
·Feb 18, 2022·

3 min read

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Flutter Native Splash Setup
  • Common Errors
  • Conclusion


Splash Screens are a necessity in today's apps. They give your app branding and make the user interface beautiful. In today's article, we will learn how you can create a beautiful splash screen with the help of an amazing package called flutter_native_splash. splash screen.png

So let's get started.

Flutter Native Splash Setup

First of all, we will set up our project and add the package to it. If you are working on an existing project then fine or else go to your editor and create a new Flutter project.

Now add the following line in your pubspec.yaml file under the dependencies:


I am not mentioning the version because it keeps on changing. You can keep it blank or add a specific version number if you want. Now, in your terminal, type "flutter pub get".

Now create a new file called flutter_native_splash.yaml in your root directory. This is the file where we will work with our splash screen.

Add these following lines in the file that you have just created.

  image: assets/img.png // the image on your splash screen
  android: true 
  ios: false
  color: "ffffff"  // background color of your screen
  fullscreen: true  // hides the notification bar
  image_dark: assets/img2.png // the image on the splash screen when the device is in dark mode
  color_dark: "000000"  // background color of screen in dark mode
  android_gravity: center // the location of the image on the screen.

So that's it. Before moving forward here are a few things to note

  • Make sure that you have added an image in the assets folder.
  • You have to create an assets folder in the root directory of your project. Then add 2 images to it. One for light and one for dark mode.
  • This is how your root directory should look like Screenshot (116).png
  • In the yaml file android_gravity is optional
  • You can add either the color or the background_image attribute. Both can't exist together.

Now there is only one step remaining. Type the following command in the integrated terminal of your editor.

flutter pub run flutter_native_splash:create

This will create your splash screen. Now when you run your app you will first land on the splash screen you created and then in your app.

For a detailed video tutorial on how to create splash screens, check this out

Common Errors

You may face errors if you don't align the attributes in the flutter_splash_native_yaml file. If you are mentioning the version number of the flutter_native_splash package and getting compatibility errors while doing flutter pub get, then remove the version number and try again.


So this concludes the tutorial on how to add a splash screen to your mobile apps. You can now bring your creativity to life by creating a good image and combining it with a cool background image or color.

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