5 Popular Tech companies who use Flutter.

5 Popular Tech companies who use Flutter.

Ayush Pawar
·Feb 17, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Google
  • Alibaba Group
  • CRED
  • Dream 11
  • BMW
  • Conclusion


In this article, I will put some light on the topic of the use of Flutter in the tech industry. A lot of startups are using Flutter to build their MVP or even their finished product because we all know how easy and efficient it is to make apps on Flutter.

If you feel that there are not many big players in the market then you are wrong, I am going to list 5 really big companies who use Flutter as their primary tech stack for apps.


The first and foremost is Google. This was an obvious entry in the list. Flutter is developed by Google and hence they will use it wherever they can.

Google Pay, Google's UPI app is completely built on Flutter. They are probably also planning to rewrite other Google apps with Flutter. gpay.jfif

Alibaba Group

Alibaba group is one of the biggest tech giants of China, if not the biggest. They also use Flutter as their primary tech-stack in app development. alibaba.png


Cred is one of the biggest fintech startups in India. It is a unicorn right now. They have a huge consumer base and are very popular among the masses. They also have a great work-life balance and a solid culture. CRED also uses Flutter as one of its primary tech-stacks for development. CRED.png

Dream 11

Dream 11 is another massive gaming startup in India that is currently a unicorn. Dream 11 also started its journey with Flutter. Dream 11 is known for its awesome work culture and very good pay for its employees. DREAM11.png


Well, we all know what BMW is. One of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world uses Flutter to power its app. The BMW mobile app is used to connect it with your cars. The whole app is built on Flutter. BMW.png


This was a very short article. The idea behind this was to show that there are a lot of companies that use Flutter as a primary source for development. A flutter is a great tool and if you start learning it, there are endless opportunities out there for you.

I will soon write a part 2 where I will cover more big companies that use Flutter.

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