5 AMAZING Youtube tutorials to learn Flutter

5 AMAZING Youtube tutorials to learn Flutter

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It is hard to learn something new. Especially, when you are trying to learn something for free. Youtube is the best place to search for tutorials on a particular thing but there is tons of content on Youtube. It is easy to get lost and confused between so many tutorials out there.

So, I decided to list down the top 5 Flutter tutorials on Youtube that you must watch if you want to get started with Flutter. The list is not in any order. There is no 5,4,3,2,1. It is just randomly ordered. All the tutorials mentioned below are in English.

Tutorial 1

The first tutorial is not a single video but a whole playlist of 35 videos. This playlist is created by Net Ninja. It is probably the most viewed Flutter playlist on Youtube. The videos are of short to moderate length and very easy to understand as beginners.

You will get to learn everything from installing Flutter to using APIs with Flutter. Here is the link to the playlist AppDev_Flutter-Apps.png

Tutorial 2

FreeCodeCamp recently released a Flutter tutorial which is 37 hours long. Yep, you read that right. 37 hours of free Flutter content in one video. In this video, you will build an app for both Android and iOS and publish it to their respective stores.

You will also learn to integrate Firebase, use Bloc for State management, and some unit testing. This isn't exactly a beginners' friendly tutorial. Although it will teach you a lot of things from scratch, it would be better if you knew about some widgets before watching this video.

If you have an abstract idea about Flutter and want to strengthen your concepts and go to the next level, then this video tutorial is the best one out there on Youtube. Here is the link to the video.

Tutorial 3

Academind created a Flutter tutorial in the mid of 2019 which is still one of the best out there. This is a 6-hour long tutorial video where you will learn the basics of Flutter and the common widgets used in almost every Flutter app. You will learn Flutter, by creating a quiz app which is a very good beginner's project, to begin with.

If you watch this tutorial and then jump on the FreeCodeCamps' 37-hour long tutorial then I think you will become a very solid Flutter developer by just building these two apps.

Here is the link to thevideo tutorial Screen-Shot-2019-05-01-at-9.19.45-AM.png

Tutorial 4

This tutorial is one of the latest added tutorials on Youtube. The YouTuber isn't as big as FreeCodeCamp or Academind but the tutorial is of really good quality. I have added this to the list because it teaches a lot of important Flutter concepts and also builds an app with an amazing UI.

The tutorial is 4 hours long where you will learn the fundamentals of Flutter & Dart, how to use API with Flutter, and how to use Bloc to do state management. Here is the link for the tutorial

Tutorial 5

This tutorial is not a complete Flutter tutorial but it is focused on one particular concept. The concept is state management. This playlist will teach you the basics and the advanced level stuff of the Bloc state management. Bloc is widely used as a state management tool in the industry.

So, if you have learned the basics of Flutter & Dart, built some cool personal projects, then I will recommend you to have a look at state management. Here is the link to the video playlist


I would like to say that don't get stuck in the "TUTORIAL HELL". If you are a beginner, pick one or two tutorials out of the 5 that I have mentioned above(or any other that you like). Code alongside that tutorial and if you are stuck somewhere, read the documentation or search on stack overflow.

Once you are done with the tutorial video, try to build something on your own without watching any tutorial. This is the way I learned Flutter and I feel this is a very effective way to learn anything new.

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